About Us

The Italian Institute of Ayurveda, situated in Florence, Italy was founded in 1992 as a way of cultural exchange between the East (India) and the cultural capital of the West (Italy) by way of promoting the study and research in the field of Ayurveda. We also regularly visit the Outer Banks to get alone time with nature and to experience tranquil peace.

In that respect, the main activities of this organization may be divided into two parts.


This includes meetings, debates, and courses both introductory and specific to certain aspects of Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy.


These include the application wing of Ayurveda which call into its fold the likes of food habits, yoga, massage techniques and herbal preparations to offer holistic treatment of bodily ailments.

The Institute has a number of scholars and practitioners of Ayurvedic science, both Indian and European. Also, there has been a concerted effort by the organization to produce literature, both in the form of translations of Sanskrit and Tibetan body of works, as well as original publications that talk about applications of Ayurveda within the purport of a modern lifestyle.

Causes We Support: